• Heirloom Redesign. Transforming treasured jewels.

    One of my favorite parts of the design process is transforming a treasured piece of jewelry into something modern, wonderful and effortlessly wearable.

    Almost all of us have a treasured piece of jewelry somewhere in the back of our jewelry box that we love to look at from time to time. We often put it on for a quick look in the mirror and try to imagine what we might possibly wear it with. Usually we retreat to placing it back in it's embroidered pouch and tuck it neatly back in the box.

    Your treasure might be something from your grandmother or simply a piece that called out to you at a weekend flea market.

    Vintage jewelry has such an innate beauty and an unsurpassed quality that it can span generations quite easily, especially if it is given a little re-design "love" and reworked into a more modern, wearable design.

    I take vintage brooches, earrings, pendants, stick pins anything that has good bones and think of how it can be worn a new way. Most of the pieces in my shop are new interpretations of vintage designs. I also offer a bespoke service and work with family heirlooms in the redesign process.

    The two pieces above were sterling silver and marcasite pins passed down from mother to daughter. The owner always loved them and tried to wear them now and then but found it difficult to find the right outfit or the right occasion. 

    Working together we decided upon a transformation that would let her wear these pieces everyday near her heart and on her wrist. To be worn with everything from jeans and sweaters to dresses. I designed the new pieces to include modern antiqued brass chain to offset the recessed areas that had darkened on the silver and marcasite pins. The mixed metal is a fresh take on these Victorian era designs.

    Interested in transforming your treasure? Start here!

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